The Perfect Pair for Valentines Day

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A gift for your sweetheart… and one for yourself. Through Valentines Day, get a free Lip Balm when you order a two ounce bottle of our Nighttime Face Serum.  This serum is our best-selling product. We start with two ounces of our skin-loving pure emu oil, which is always AEA Certified Fully Refined so you are sure you are getting the very best quality.  We add Vitamin E, an antioxidant and so much more, and then tea tree oil for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Finally, we finish with the AMAZING lavender essential oil which is locally grown and distilled by Cowlitz Falls Lavender Company (check out their festival this summer).

This Serum will penetrate deeply into your skin in just a few moments and leave it silky soft and smooth.  While we call it a Nightime Face Serum… don’t let that fool you.  Emu oil is gentle enough to use anywhere and you can apply it anytime, especially if you need a lavender zen moment in a really stressful day!  #Janeansfavoritezen.

Order by Valentines Day and we will send you our Moisturizing Lip Balm for free—just the thing to get those lips into kissable form for the #BigDay.  We combine our emu oil with coconut oil, cocoa butter, just the right amount of local beeswax, and even more Vitamin E for a soothing solution for dry lips.  No colors, no flavors, no preservatives.  A perfect pair for the romantic day. 

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