Why Emu Oil?

Emu at 3 Feathers Emu RanchUses of Emu Oil.  Emu oil has been used by the Aborigines of Australia for hundreds of years to moisturize skin, soothe sore muscles and may reduce swelling to help with minor cuts and wounds.  Emu oil is transdermal and penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin.  It also contains Essential Fatty Acids that our bodies need but do not produce.

Emu oil is reputed to soothe many minor conditions, including:

  • Burns, Rash, Scars
  • Dry or Cracked Skin, Bruises, Acne
  • Joint and Muscle Aches, Sprains, Cuts
  • Sunburn,  Insect Bites, Stings,   
  • Stretch Marks, Wrinkles,      
  • Thin or Aging Skin
  • And Much MORE...                                       


Emu at 3 Feathers Emu RanchAbout Our Emu Oil.  Emu oil contains about 70% essential and non-essential Fatty   Acids.  These include about 50% Oleic Acid (Omega-9), which is a transdermal carrier  and also 15-20% Linoleic Acid (Omega-6), and 1-2% Linolenic Acid (Omega-3), which are powerful anti-inflammatory agents.  Emu oil does not contain phospholipids found in many other products that impede absorption. This indicates the nutrient properties may be carried through the skin and into the tissue more easily than with other oils or topical applications.

Characteristics of Emu Oil.  It is this unique combination of fatty acids that give emu oil its therapeutic properties:

Emu at 3 Feathers Emu Ranch Transdermal — Emu oil will penetrate quickly through to the deepest layers of the skin and may act as a carrier for other added therapeutic ingredients;

Anti-inflammatory — Emu oil may reduce swelling without the negative side effects of prescription or corticosteroid-based medications;

Bacteriostatic — Emu oil may not promote growth of bacteria;

Non-comedogenic — Emu oil may not clog pores because it penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin;

Hypoallergenic — Emu oil may not cause skin irritation so it is safe to use.

These properties make emu oil  a soothing and  very effective skin moisturizer.  Emu oil may thicken the skin with regular use to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  In addition, emu oil may be  very beneficial for inflammation and may soothe minor cuts, burns, sprains, and muscle and joint pain.

Emus at 3 Feathers Emu Ranch Refining Emu Oil.  Our emu oil is certified fully refined by the American Emu   Association.    Our emu fat is physically refined in a two-step process to   create fully refined emu oil.  The basic technology of this   refining process has been widely used in food processing for years, and has a long history of being the most effective and efficient method of producing a safe, sterile, consumable, and pure emu oil.  In this physical refining process, first, the oil is treated with natural clays under low absolute pressure and high temperatures in order to obtain the highest quality and yield. Impurities, pigments, and bacteria from the fat are absorbed onto these clays and then removed through filtration. In the next step, a vacuum deodorizer brings the oil to proper temperature for further sterilization to remove any remaining bacteria and impurities.  No harsh chemicals are used in this process. Further, independent AOCS chemists test and verify that the oil meets the strict guidelines of the AEA requirements for certification.