Pamper your dry winter skin back to health!!!

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$3 off our Hand & Body Lotion 8 oz…Winter is very hard on your skin, whether it is ice storms during our (mostly) mild Washington winters, the harsher stuff faced by tough midwesterners, or even the iguana-freezing cold snaps of Florida. It has been a tough winter. Treat your skin to loving care with our amazing emu oil lotion. Most emu oil lotions have only a small amount of emu oil added, but we make our lotion with lots and lots of emu oil.   Over half of the ingredients (excepting the pure distilled water) and over 2/3 of the oils are... you guessed it… emu oil.  You get all the benefits of those essential fatty acids penetrating deeply into your dry skin. Our thick, creamy lotion is lightly scented and perfect for dry skin anywhere  You will notice a difference.

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